Wednesday, September 05, 2012

What a grave

Here is a plate/ insignia/ thing for the [record book?] of [a, the] Prague Burial Society, featuring the Maharal's grave, designed by Lilien. Now that's classy.


  1. I'd rather see the Golem's. :-)

  2. Why is the title of the Wikipedia page "Ephraim Moses Lilien" while the caption on his photo is "Moshe Ephraim Lilien"?

  3. Cause someone made a mistake. He was known during his lifetime as E. M. Lilien, also Ephraim Moses.

    A possible guess though is that as according to the Wiki page he also went by the Polish name Maurycy, someone assumes that Moshe was really his first name. Maybe?

  4. I once came across a German book illustrated by him with all sorts of semi-erotic pictures. It seemed to have something to do with Psalms, but I can't be sure. It was sitting in the women's side of a shul in an elementary school in Queens; no idea how it got there, but I should have taken it.



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