Thursday, September 06, 2012

On judging

I forgot to mention my whimsical-yet-thoughtful guest post on Oy Vey Cartoons (link). I don't do these often, so let's see what I had to say! Thanks to Shpitzle for the opportunity.

See here for Shadal's etymology of "oy vey," or at least "vey."


  1. So you run off to a cartoon blog and tell their readers know to stay tuned for the big reveal? Hmmm.
    Very whimsical though. And thoughtful.

  2. Are you coming out of the closet? This will be interesting.

    I too, am waiting for the big moment to declare my true name to the breathlessly awaiting world.

    Gershon Pickles


    Whole page of various prescriptive things, some quite strange, but amidst all of that comes:

    "On that note, I have a dear friend who believes that a) yiddish is unrelated to German and saying as such is anti-Semitic, and b) oy-vey means oh god and is thus blasphemous."

  4. I wonder if Shadal did as good a job as did I on the etymology of these expressions....

  5. S, Thank you for your helpful comment on my blog- what an interesting book from Reb Dovid Kohen that you cited.

  6. I've been waiting for someone else to make a macha'ah, but seeing as this is a makom sheain ish, here I go.

    Yes, Shpitzle is all of ours favorite OTDer. If we would go OTD, that's who we would like to be like.

    We love her cartoons and would love to meet her personally. But, her online persona is, after all, "I am OTD". Her blog says out loud, "I reject torah umitzvos". As such, I believe it's a chilul hashem to participate in it.

    1. And in that spirit, I am mocheh on Los Zetas cartel for selling drugs.

  7. וירא כי אין איש



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