Friday, September 14, 2012

A book review of Rabbi Chaim Hirschenoshn's Malki Bakodesh responsa volume 2 from 1922

From the Jewish Forum January/ Tebeth 1922. I cannot resist adding the advertisement for Ex Lax that was sandwiched between these two pages. Here is the book in question.


  1. ex laxs advs. featured prominently in the hebrew press.
    shanah tovah

  2. Lawrence Kaplan:

    It's 90 years too late, but there is a typo in the review. It should be "decries" the practice of biblical criticism, not "describes."

  3. Maybe the reviewer "G. Mendel" should have gone back to his pea garden and concentrated on heredity.

  4. Dan, Malki B'kodesh is indeed an interesting hybird of tradition and modernism,

  5. As was R. Hirschensohn himself. He was born in EY, but went to study at Hildesheimer's seminary, and was a close friend and collaborator with E. Ben Yehuda in the Hebrew thing.

  6. The ad for ex-lax was appropos, coming on the heels of an assertion that when the Hebrew University is founded, the problems posed by biblical criciticism will henceforth be no more.

  7. In fairness, I'm not sure he meant that the unity and antiquity of the Torah will be proved, but rather that a Jewish version would emerge, which is not dedicated to showing the unspirituality and degeneration of Judaism. Perhaps something like this was realized in people like Cassuto and Kaufmann.

    1. Well, maybe. But in the immediate prior sentence he articulated the problem as an inability to harmonize biblical criticsim with "torah min shomayim", indicating that such problems would cease with HU.

  8. a prominent torah journal (on the charedi side) had regular ads for hebrew national and other food products (payoffs to the org by the rabbi certifying, via the food company; not all ads were questionable food products.)

    why should this be any different?

    its also foolish; somewhat like a jewish week story on orthodox practices / thought today.

  9. R. Hirschensohn is one of my great role models. A fascinating man.
    You can read an extensive biography of him here
    one of his famous quotes is
    רב האוסר את מה שניתן
    להתיר מוציא שם רע על תורת ישראל וגם עובר על האיסור של בל תוסיף

  10. just to add here so his name will be online, the patron of the hebrew press from ex-lax was founder israel matz



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