Wednesday, September 19, 2012

On a women's Korban Minchah siddur

Here's an interesting entry penciled on a Google Booked Korban Mincha siddur. The siddur was printed in Vilna in 1892, and the entry was written in 1910.

One of the great things about history, bibliography, bibliolatry, is that eventually the describers become interesting in their own right. So if you want to know what a Korban Mincha siddur was perceived as by a Harvard librarian in 1910, here it is.

Now, I know some will say "Well, that's what it is." But my point is that 100 years later it isn't really thought of as "a Chasidic prayerbook" per se, but as a woman's prayer book. And that is why Artscroll calls its women's siddur Korban Mincha in Hebrew (link).


  1. Does “Chassidic” simply mean Nusach Sefard?

  2. Probably. After all, who but Chassidim davened nusach sefard in 1892?

  3. Doesn't this librarian also write "for women"?
    Also why does some librarian from 1892 have a better idea of what "Korban Mincho" is than Rabbis Scherman and Zlotowitz?

  4. The siddur is Nusach Ashkenaz. So was it really Chassidic?



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