Sunday, April 28, 2013


As you can see, I changed commenting platforms to Disqus. I hope this will solve the spam problem. Old comments are still importing, and I hope that everything will be retained. Thank you for bearing with me in this trying time. I mean, I'm working on it.


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  3. One problem: one can no longer see the comment count from the main page

  4. I see the comment count on the main page. Are you on a phone or a computer?

  5. I see it too - on a laptop, using Chrome.

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  7. I'm on Firefox, and it's not there. Where exactly are you seeing it?

  8. I see it on Firefox too.
    Below the "related content" section, just to the right of "Posted by Mississippi
    Fred MacDowell at"

  9. All I see to the right of the "at" is "12:43 PM" and then an envelope icon.

  10. I found the problem. It was the "Do not track me" add-on, which for some reason interprets the comment link as a tracker and removes it. I told it to "allow" disqus to track me and the comment count now appears.

  11. Glad about that.

    An update: there are close to 10,000 comments - and according to Disqus they are still importing, with no error message in site. So hopefully all the old comments will be restored as planned. If not - I'll work it out best I can. I certainly don't want to lose them.

  12. Where do you tell it to "allow"?

  13. If you click on the icon, it should come up with a panel that says something like "1 social network tracking me" and "7 companies tracking me". If you click on "companies" it will show you them all, and one of them is Disqus. They should all have a little sliding switch next to them which is green on the left and white on the right, and then it should say "Blocked here". Slide the Disqus green switch to the right and it should turn red, and the "blocked here" should change to "allowed here" .

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