Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Divrei Chaim of Sanz's obituary in the Jewish Messenger, June 16, 1876


  1. How long does that "donating chai" thing go back, incidentally?

  2. Chasidism only dates from the end of the last century, and as it is destitute of every high moral idea, it has no future.


  3. Any further info on his son going to jail for pronouncing a ban? Could not immedaitely find anything using the google.

    intresasnte that issuing the ban sandwhcihed in thsi article is juxtaposed nexe to R.J.B. Solveithcik article about the ban.

  4. His son Reb Aaaron Halberstam who served as Rabbi in the Sanz vicinity pronounced a ban on fellow who refused to obey a Din Torah ruling, pronouncing a ban was prohibited by the government so that person gave him in to the authorities.

    It is known that Reb Aaron was let out to attend his father's Levaya (funeral), and was attending the event guarded with prison police, and than sat shivah in prison.

  5. he said ven velt volt gevehn velt volt men ehm geleigt in ches arahn. based on that posters were posted in sanz that ...... [name is known] is in ches [meaning in cherem] by the way the chevra kadisha in sanz didnt want to be metapel with the musser when he died for eight days he wasnt burried till a chevra kadisha of another town took care of him



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