Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rav Soloveitchik threatens a herem on El Al

Jerusalem Post 12.24.1963.

Note, it quotes him saying that he'd never made a cherem in 32 years, but "this time I cannot avoid it."


  1. My aunt, uncle, and cousins made aliyah via the Shalom in 1965. We saw them off in New York Harbor and explored the ship. Among other features, it had a small swimming pool called "The Waters of Merom." According to Wikipedia, "The dispute about her kitchen would persist throughout her career with Zim. A year after her entry into service, however, the rabbinate agreed to let nonkosher food be served aboard cruises not visiting Israeli ports." The ship was sold off in 1967 and underwent a series of name changes. Sadly, the ship ultimately sank off South Africa in 2001.

  2. I can only assume that you came across this while looking for info on Kaborak Jacobian. He is in the news today for the first time in many decades, and you happen to post an article next to one about Jacobian? Too bizarre.

  3. Who can ever tell what I was looking for? Are there any coincidences?

  4. What is that last line about mail-order Rabbinic ordination about?



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