Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rabbi Mayer Bar Ilan's visit to Chaim Berlin in 1914

From the American Hebrew.

And since fake Jewish names are always fun, here's one from 1905: Chajim Berlinerblau.


  1. Per Wikipedia :

    Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin, established in Brooklyn, New York, in 1904, was renamed for Rabbi Chaim Berlin in 1914, at the suggestion of his brother, Rabbi Meir Berlin (Bar-Ilan).

  2. both R. Berlin and Cantor Rosenblatt also attended the Tenth Anniversary Dinner of Chaim Berlin in February 1922:

  3. Always wondered why the yeshiva was named after R' Chaim Berlin

  4. 1922 was the 10th anniversary dinner, founding was in 1912 nt as wikipedia says or was it changed to Chaim Berlin in 1912

    He came in 1913 to NY

    unless he visited NY before 1913

    some facts are missing



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