Monday, April 28, 2014

A Messianic prophecy for 1840-1, Pt. II

Here's an update to this post, about a 17th century Messianic prophecy for the year 1840-1, apparently predicting the French Revolution, some kind of Russian revolution, Jewish independence, and then the Messiah. This is a copy of the document discussed in that post, copied for some reason, by Isaac Leeser's. See here. Leeser must have had hopes for the year 5601.

This is interesting; an entry for Brian Walton's 1653 - 56 London Polyglot Bible in Kohelet Shlomo - Collectio Davidis, the catalog of Rabbi David Oppenheim's famous library. Interesting, because it includes the New Testament, and the catalog says it was the complete six volumes.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Passover products circa 1842

Here's a nice ad for Passover products from 1842, under the rabbinic supervision of Rabbi Solomon Hirschell (1862-1842). From the Voice of Jacob.

British wine!


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