Thursday, February 21, 2013

A description of the internet* from 1889

*Okay, not exactly, but it is the same kind of breathless, optimistic description of emerging technology. 

An interesting reflection from 1889 on cutting edge technology, like the phonograph, and its presumed future uses. I'm sure there a thousand like it, but I thought the call to study electricity in every school as a basic, necessary form of education is interesting, like calls to teach computer programming. From the Jewish Messenger.


  1. If only the Orthodox rabbinate had received this education...

  2. The suggestion here to learn electricity, and the suggestion today to learn programming are not really the same.

    People are suggesting that kids learning programming the same when they learn to read and write a more conventional "language"

    The suggestion to learn electricity sounds is more like the suggestion to learn advanced sciences. (Which might be needed to understand the way cell phones and computers work)

  3. I'd say the masses are still "wholly ignorant concerning the simplest truths about electricity." Modern education -- all about "method" and "process" and short on actual knowledge.



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