Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vintage coverage on the death of the Chafetz Chaim; a new digitization project

Tel Aviv University is now hosting a digital newspaper project (link), and there's a very promising beginning. Although some of the newspapers are in French, which means that for me personally it's not very useful, also included are 19th century Hebrew newspaper's Ha-Maggid and Ha-Levanon, which were already digitized by the JNUL. However, TAU's interface and search are actually far more useful. In addition, they've also got the English language Palestine Post (forerunner of the Jerusalem Post). Not bad!

So I've done some poking around and found a few nice things. To start with, here is the notice of the Chofetz Chaim's funeral (11/19/33):

Nothing more than a blurb, but the following day they ran a tribute headed The Jewish Gandhi (!), which is quite an interesting read:

(click image to enlarge and read - be advised that it's two images.)

Finally, here's an interesting image from the funeral itself - note from the newspaper! (click to enlarge for detail).

Note the seforim in his casket. Also, my eyes must be deceiving me, but it seems that there is a women in the crowd. How could that be?).

(Also, see this old English Hebraica post: link.)

Update: better photo from here:

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