Wednesday, June 18, 2008

From the Chasam Sofer's hair, to the Sdei Chemed's shoes

Continuing my series of posts where I present images of people-you-know-but-I-think-are-little-seen --

This portrait of R. Moses Sofer (1762-1839), the Chasam Sofer, was made in 5571 - 1811. I have only one thing to say: that can't all be peyos.

The following is R. Samuel Strashun (1794-1872), more commonly known as Rashash. Most well known because of the inclusion of his Talmudic notes in the Romm Press's Vilna Shas. To see how his slightly left-of-center orientation (or left-of-right, as the case may be) means that he is a slightly controversial figure in some circles today see here, including an oft-repeated rumor about why his notes are in that Talmud edition (and therefore almost all editions since) Also here.

Finally, for tonight, here is a beautiful portrait of R. Chaim Chizkiyahu Medini (1833-1904), author of Sdei Chemed. Just note his truly awesome Ottoman shoes!

Coming soon: what color was Rashi's shirt?

Third post in a series. II

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  1. Where is the portrait of Chasam sofer from?



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