Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Even a Galician melammed"--; an apologetic for the Hebrew textus receptus by R. Chaim Heller

This excerpt is from the introduction (pg. 7) of R. Hayyim Heller's essay על התרגום הירושלמי לתורה. The purpose is to explain ways in which the text critic errs byusing a Bible version and supposing it is based on a variant Hebrew text (an approach adopted from R. Hayyim by Gil Student in his essay On the Text of the Torah):

החוקרים...מוכיחים מתרגום השבאים, כי היה כתוב בבראשית (י"ב' ו') ,,אלון רם" במקום ,,אלון מורה". ומלמד אחד גליציה, שלא חלם מעולם על-דבר תרגום השבעים, מבאר כך מקרא כפשוטו
Scholars argue that Gen. 16.6 read אלון רם "a high terebinth" instead of אלון מורה because the Septuagint translates it in this sense. But I have shown that some a simple mellamed in Galicia who never even heard of the Septuagint renders the passage the same way, according to it's פשט...

For more on R. Heller, see.

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