Monday, January 16, 2006

Potentially interesting discussion about Professor D. Weiss-Halivni's Peshat and Derash at Chardal.

Commenter Tzvi's asks "why have so many orthodox people accepted Halivni as a talmid Chacham, when so much of his "hashkafa" is pure kefira in Torah She'baal peh?"

A good question, although I wouldn't word it that way. Re-wording it might go something like this: Why have so many Orthodox people accepted [Professor] Halivni as a talmid chacham, when he used to be a professor of Talmud at JTS and a pulpit Conservative rabbi?

I think the answer has to do with the fact that he, in fact, is a talmid chacham and many Orthodox people take seriously the dictum to accept the truth from wherever it comes. He is also viewed, I've noticed, as a bridge to halakhic sanity in a world gone fundamentalist.

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