Friday, January 06, 2006

On the Abramoff hat and Orthodox sociologists

I enjoy reading what Samuel Heilman has to say. He is often interesting.

But this:
A sociologist of American Jewry at Queens College, Samuel Heilman, said that the hat Abramoff wore would be more typical for so-called yeshivish Jews. "It would be the kind of hat you might see in Lakewood, [N.J.]," the site of a large, Orthodox rabbinical college, Heilman said.
is pretty silly. I suppose for the sake of simplicity when talking to the press he might just say its yeshivish and leave it at that, but I wonder if Heilman is really aware of the nuances he is supposed to be aware of. For an expert on Orthodox Jews he doesn't seem to realize that the hat Abramoff was wearing is about 99 parts former YU yeshivish-leaning 50 year old from Queens and 1 part yeshivish Lakewood.

Via Hayom.

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