Thursday, March 15, 2012

The High Priest in his Finery

Yes, the joke only works in English, but come on, it's funny.

From Johann Lund's Die Alten Jüdischen Heiligthümer (Hamburg 1701)


  1. some more from this book:

  2. Two mistakes that I noticed right away: The ציץ is in the wrong palce, it is supposed to be at the מקום התפילין and secondly the מעיל is supposed to reach his ankles.

  3. It's not a "mistake." It's a disagreement of interpretation. That said, it is possible that the drawing does not follow any careful reading of the verses, or any particular interpretation, and in that sense is a "mistake."

  4. RCK why would you follow anything besides Josephus (Antiquities 3:7:6) descriptions on the priestly garments, who was a eye witness?

  5. He may have lied and exaggerated about somethings, but I don't see a reason to suspect him of doing either in this instance.

  6. Getting back to the humor angle of this post, here is a recent exchange between my well educated 3-year-old grandson and his mother:

    He: The Kohen Gadol wore special clothes.
    She: Yes, I'd like to hear more about it after you come out of the bathroom.

  7. Dan-LOL! I can see the faces in my head.-LFD

  8. I was just wondering why he was so...fat...

  9. "Josephus is פסול לעדות!"

    Rashi didn't think so. He's cited as authoritative by many in these areas. The ephod of the Temple Institute basically follows him.

    Fat because of a 32-amah belt, maybe. :-)



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