Thursday, March 15, 2012

The 1843 Circumcision Regulations issued by the Frankfurt Dept. of Health

Here are the circumcision regulations the Department of Health in Frankfurt issued on February 8, 1843, following the death of some children, which were believed to have been caused by improperly performed circumcisions:

They are:
1. No mohel (circumciser) will be allowed to perform a circumcision, who hasn't reported to the Health Department and demonstrated anatomical and physiological knowledge, as well as competence in circumcision.

2. Any circumcision must be carried out in the presence of a physician, even when the circumcision if performed by an approved mohel (i.e., don't think otherwise).

3. Jewish residents, insofar as they want to circumcise their children, this is only if they use a circumciser approved for this purpose, who takes proper precautions (i.e., but they don't have to circumcise their children).

4. Those who violate these regulations may be fined or imprisoned, depending on the case.

Frankfurt a.M.
8 February 1843
Health Department


  1. These regulations were rescinded not too long after..

  2. obviously before RSRH came in.

    it figured in the power play with RSRH and the reform gemeinde.



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