Thursday, March 01, 2012

Grant grants a $25 donation

I don't usually do reposts, but I was reading Prof. Jonathan Sarna's article "Gen. Grant’s Uncivil War Against The Jew," and I was reminded of a post I did 2 years ago about how "Ulysses S. Grant donated $25 to a Yerushalmi Jew's hachnosas kallah fund," and received a micrographic portrait in Hebrew letters in return.

From The presidents I have known from 1860-1918 by Simon Wolf.

Here was the original post (link).


  1. Nice little piece of history!

    (typo: micographic )

  2. That's a big donation.

    Assuming that it was given during Grant's term in the White House, it could have been worth app. $420-$520 according to

    Maybe that's why Grant was zoche to kevurah in NYC. ;-)

  3. In present day dollars I meant.

  4. Should have gotten him maftir Yonah, at least.

  5. Is Dr Sarna related to the Chwvron Sarnes

  6. Well, he's related to Nahum Sarna. Not good enough? :-)

    I wonder if the picture is still in the "National Museum's" collection. (I'm assuming the Smithsonian American History Museum.)

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