Monday, October 29, 2007

Which Talmud edition is 600 folio pages?

This following was written by Judah David Eisenstein in a letter to the editor of the Hebrew Standard (Dec. 14, 1900, pg. 7), concerning Ridbaz1:

The standard editions contain over 2700 folio pages. Does anyone know which edition of the Talmud is referred to? Or is it no edition at all, but rather his projection of the amount of pages the Talmud would take to print without Rashi, Tosafos and all the other commentary that appears on the pages? Is it a reference to the Munich manuscript, which is nearly 600 folio pages?

1 This excerpt is actually from the following article: Rothkoff, Aaron, The American Soujourns of Ridbaz: Religious Problems Within the Immigrant Community, American Jewish Historical Quarterly, 57:4 (1968:June) p.559

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