Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Reb Chaim Heller

A great, free resource for American Jewish history is Carnegie-Mellon University's Pittsburgh Jewish Newspaper Project, which contains digital versions of three Philadelphia newspapers spanning the period of 1895 to the present.

There are many treasures to be found, among them the following article about R. Chaim Heller (The Jewish Criterion, September 15, 1944). The extent of the praise is almost unbelievable, so it's fun to read. R. Heller (1879-1960) was a great influence on, as well as an elder mentor-colleague to R. Soloveitchik.

Here is a brief bio, and an essay influenced by his teachings.

Incidentally, one looks forward to the eventual appearance of his Untersuchungen über die Peschitta zur gesamten hebräischen Bibel (1928), the text of the first two books of the Peshitta transcribed in Hebrew letters, on Google Books.

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