Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Will Brooklyn book stores carry R. Slifkin's new book?

Wolfish Musings posts about how he surveyed a number of Brooklyn Jewish book stores to see if they are or will be stocking R. Natan Slifkin's new book Man and Beast. Of the four stores he checked, none had it and three said they wouldn't stock it, with the fourth being noncommital either way.

Frankly this surprises me given some of the things found in Jewish book stores which would absolutely rile the banners of books. I really would have figured that a cost/ benefit analysis alone would have made these stores sure to stock this book. I mean, it could be principle but, you know, it isn't.

Note also that some of the more moderate Slifkin-ban supporters have tried to point out (correctly) that the bans were on specific books of his, not on his person (although extremists have attacked him personally) and not on all of his books. Given that this is so, what possible justification can there be for refusing to stock this new book? Other than cowardice and/ or rishus, I mean.Well, maybe its political correctness. Or misguided principle?

Oh well. Brick and mortar book stores are increasingly archaic anyway even thought they're much more fun than ordering online.

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