Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Gaon's Gemara (and his emendations)

Now here's something interesting. This page of Gemara belonged to the Vilna Gaon and contains marginal notes and textual emendations in his own hand. (click to enlarge)

It is from Talmud Yerushalmi Maaser Sheni 5b. According to the notes accompanying this image, "Rabbi Elijah has excised a phrase (lines 13-14) then rearranged the phrasing and reinserted the emended text at the point (line 16) marked by three dots in a triangular shape." The margin contains notes explicating the passage. Although the tect doesn't mention it, there is another excision on the second to last line marked by parantheses, which means it should be moved. Then there is line above the word נטמאו, which means that it should be removed, as well as another line over other words which should be removed.

This image comes from the book which accompanied the Yeshiva Univerity Museum's exhibit on printed Talmuds.

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