Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The etiquette of the repost

I was thinking about whether I should, on occasion, repost some old posts.

Why? Because the best part of blogging is what goes on in the comments. It is a fact--I think--that how a post is received depends a lot on mazal as well as content. If one posts at certain times of the day then when it is added to J-blog aggregators like jrants can influence how many people will happen upon a post. The more people reading, the more chance someone will comment, which in turn provides the impetus for more comments and, hopefully, a fruitful discussion. And I'm all about fruitful and multiplying discussions!

Also, which part of the week or which part of the year posts are made seems to influence their reception. Want to kill a post? Put it up 20 minutes before a three day yom tov, especially if its timely.

So I was thinking of reposting some golden oldies. Maybe once a week, or less. Think of it as my own "From the Pages of Tradition."

Is there something wrong with this idea? A copout? An excessive ego stroke? Smart business?

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