Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Issues of concern: the truths of history

Google is interesting because it ranks searches in order of popularity, as well as relevence (I'll let the techno-geeks tear my simplistic statement apart in the comments ;-) ).

So, when you do a search yourself you can see just what it is that people are clicking on. So when I typed "yutorah" in Google it showed that second to the home page itself, the most popular page on that site is the seminal article 'Facings the Truths of History' by R. J. J. Schachter (Torah U-Madda Journal Vol. 8).

Maybe I'm misinterpreting the data, but it seems like this is an indication that the reshaping and whitewashing and revising of Jewish history is an issue that concerns more than a few people. Of course one would know that anyway because it is one of the most recurring themes on the j-blogosphere and on Jewish e-mail lists, but here it is in Google. Google does not lie. I think.

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