Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Here is a very interesting post on masturbation, the great white elephant in every Orthodox teenager's living room (and yeshiva). Note that the post doesn't discuss this issue from an Orthodox perspective, meaning, a lot of people might read it and have a problem with some of the assumptions in the post. But the fact is that such a 'post,' or article or treatment of any kind that deals with this frankly taboo subject from a perspective that is Orthodox and in some sense, healthy, simply does not exist. And that is in large part the point. As far as I can tell (having been an Orthodox male teenager) this is an issue. A quote:
So there you have it, straight from the Talmud: At the young age of 15, the typical boy is already committing murder and/or idolatry several times a week, and perhaps several times a day.
And this is exactly what many young people are going through, and they're going through it mostly in isolation, many of them unaware that there are 200 other murderers in their school alone.

As far as I can tell this problem, from whichever angle you examine it and whatever your view is, is almost totally not spoken of.

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