Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Good stuff at the Joods Historich Museum

It's great what you can find online if you know where to look (or get lucky and stumble across it!). Here are some interesting pictures from the Joods Historich Museum in Amsterdam:

R. Yonathan Eybeschutz (from 1765)

Another of R. Eybeschutz (no date as I can tell).

UPDATE (3/24): a third of R. Eybeschutz, this from 1764.

The Gra, this one is from 1797!

R. Samson (ben) Raphael Hirsch.

Shadal (R. Shmuel David Luzzatto).

Shir (R. Shlomo Yehudah Rapoport).

The above four pictures came from a photo published in 1868. It features, best as I can tell, Moses Montefiore in the center and the above as well as other rabbis, Orthodox and non-Orthodox.

The caption on the picture is "Gallerie ber?hmter und verdienstvoller M?nner in Israel, des gegenw?rtigen Jahrhunderts," which Babelfish thoughtfully told me is German for "Gallery of famous and deserving men in Israel, the present century."

(edited to add R. Zecharya Frankel)

edit: R. Jacob Emden:

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