Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Books and portraits a NY Mokher Seforim chose to highlight in an advertisement from 1864

This ad in the Jewish Messenger from 1864 advertises a portrait of Rabbi Akiva Eger and set of Pahad Yitzhak for sale.


  1. You know, those things that you hang on the eastern wall.

  2. first of all, pachad yitzchak is kabbalah. he doesnt have permission from madonna and her rabbi to sell it. a violation right there.

    second, i dont see pictures of these gedolim in any yeshiva not in my chassidish yeshiva, and not in my litvish yeshiva. (and never the twain shall meet.)

    and further, the only authorized translations in america are artsctroll.

    obviously, this ad is a forgery. or purim shpiel.

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