Wednesday, November 28, 2012

On Maharil Diskin and controversies in Jerusalem

Here's a good line about Maharil Diskin, or 'the Britzker Rav,' as he is called in Elkan Nathan Adler's Jews in Many Lands (Phil. 1905):

You can read the entire book here, including much more on R. Diskin (pp. 55-59) - it continues with the one instance that, to Adler's regret, he got involved in the fray.


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  2. ילמדינו רבינו Wasn't there some type of controversy with MhrlD and the food supply in the Yishuv there?

  3. I don't quite get the wording here: The money "could not be diverted from the cities of original origin" and there was controversy when they started a new kollel- even though the money *was* from a new place?

    Also, the whole secular studies fight is a bit of a controversy, I'd say.

  4. Wasn't the whole Cherem against Michel Pines spearheaded by the Maharal Diskin?

  5. Mahral Diskin was a Chasid? Seems that Dr. Adler didn't know what he was talking about?

  6. Maharil Diskin -- and even more so, his wife, the famed and feared "Brisker rebbitzin" - was one of the most divisive, aggressive and militant personalities in the Old Yishuv, bringing the battles against Reform and Haskalah in Europe to Jerusalem. Mr Adler was gullible, and well taken in!

    A pashkevil dating from that period is headed:

    "A CHUTZPAH! Die Brisker Rebitzin will choruv machen Yerushalayim!"

    "A chutzpah -- the Brisker Rebitzin wants to destroy Jerusalem!"

  7. Would love to see a link/reference to aforementioned paskivil.



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