Thursday, November 08, 2012

A book burning in Galicia, Purim 1859

Here's an account of a book burning in Dobromil in the American Israelite (March 2, 1860), taken from Hamaggid (Jan. 5, 1860/10 Tevet 5620).

Interestingly, one of the books that is mentioned in the original Hebrew, but not the English, which only mentions books by Mendelssohn, is Agadat Arba Kosot by R. Solomon Pappenheim (and this one too).


  1. The font looks like Divrei Kehilles (S. Geiger).

  2. Interesting that of all the book-burning images he could conjure, the one that came to mind was the "Arab Caliph of Alexandria."

  3. The most notorious book burning in history was no doubt the destruction of the Great Library at Alexandria.I think it is more apropos to mention that than say, the various public burnings o the Talmud, since many of these books were necessarily sacred. Nu, we always had some sort of version of Neturei Karta among us...



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