Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A work by Abraham Ger of Cordoba.

You can read or download a very important and interesting manuscript here. I am referring to Rabbi Mordechai Luzzatto's (1720-99) Hebrew translation of a polemic by Abraham Ger (more properly Guer, but also known as Gher) of Cordoba, a 17th century Spanish convert to Judaism, formerly named Lorenzo Escudero. His book, writtenin approximately 1650, was called Fortaleza del judaismo y confusión del estraño. Luzzatto called it צריח בית אל (Judges 9:46).

As you can see, the copyist of this manuscript apparently believed that he was of Converso descent (מאנוסי קורדובה). This is strange, in light of his name. I believe Yosef Kaplan showed that he was not a New Christian at all.

Here is the introduction:

Readers who are interested in a sample of the work in English should see pg. 290 in The Fifty-third chapter of Isaiah according to the Jewish Interpreters edited by A. Neubauer and S.R. Driver (1877) (link).

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