Monday, December 19, 2011

On the patriarch Abraham's Hassidic clothing and appearance

Here's a really interesting post on the question of whether Avraham Avinu wore a shtreimel and bekeshe, from Yeedle. He quotes a perceptive comment from a 20th century Chassidic rebbe about how the perceived garb of Abraham would be in the eye of the beholder.

Add Yeedle's על דא ועל הא blog ('On This and That') to your reader (link).


  1. Of course he wore a streimel - it says "Leich lecha." What, did he walk with his head bare like a ....?

  2. Nah, that one works better with Vayetze Yaakov and a Koppel (no pun intended). I mean, Avraham didn't leave on Shabbos.

  3. Don't you know that a Rebbe in the magnitude of Avraham surely wore a Bekishe and a Streimel during the weekdays too?

  4. Pretty similar to the comments of Shadal in teh Vikuach that the Maggid Mesharim was basically just the Mechaber talking to himself. In other words, he saw in the Maggid what he himself thought, just as people would see their won image in Avraham. If you think about it - or weven if you dont think about it - it explains all the different nevuahs, and why some neviim saw Moshiach as a king, why some saw him riding into town on a donkey, etc. Same with their visions of God. Kind of similar to what the gemara says about a villager seeing the king idffrently than a city slicker.



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