Thursday, November 10, 2011

On the Main Line themes

I'm working on a list of what this blog is really about. Here are some.

1) The details are fiendishly interesting.
2) Accept the truth from whatever the source is the better approach.
3) Everything you've thought of was already hashed out more than 100 years ago.
4) It's fun to give the microscope treatment to the Christian Hebraists/ ethnographers who did that to the Jews.
5) Fancy wig curls and beards go together very nicely, thank you very much.


  1. Didn't we already answer this over the summer?

    1. Mé Raglayim
    2. Engliſh-language Hebraica from before 1910
    3. S"T
    4. Early Hebrew printed books
    5. 20th- or 21st-century Yeshivish books (or pamphlets, cards, whatever printed material) which turn out not to toe the party line as much as we might have expected. Or, alternatively, which do toe the party line, but lie in order to do so.
    6. Old teaching materials of Hebrew
    7. Pronunciations of Aben/Ibn Rebbi/Ribbi/Rabbi
    8. Christian Hebraism
    9. British Chief Rabbis
    10. Shadal

  2. I disagree with #3 (there are many things people think about that have been hashed out many centuries before that, and there are many things that haven't been though of before).

    Other than that, very nice (though I'm not a beard man, myself).

  3. Mar Gavriel - #5

    21st century Hasidic Yiddish Haskala

  4. Oh, and when it comes to trying to understand a chassidisher/kablistic vort, in the great maskilic tradition, use as little imagination as possible, and hear the swish sound of the vort flying right over your head.

  5. Eastman -- interesting. How do you read past page 1? I'm reading the article in the most recent edition, about what makes Judaism different from "Al-Qaedanikes", given that we preach the destruction of Amalek -- but I can't find the continuation past p. 1.

  6. Mar,
    There is a link for a PDF file above the image of page 1.

  7. That picture is absolutely adorable. Where is it from?

  8. Jackie, that picture is from a famous series of painted panels commissioned by the Prague Chevra Kadisha (Burial Society) in 1772. Today they are housed in the Jewish Museum of Prague.



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