Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Civil War in Hebrew garb

Here's an item about the Battle of Bull Run from Hamaggid Aug. 22, 1861. "חיל ממשלת הנגב המתפרצים" (link) seems like a mouthful.


  1. "Bull's Rum" sounds like a place name in the American west.

  2. Which Jewish publication was this?

  3. Hamaggid, which was published by E.L. Silbermann in Lyck, Prussia.

  4. Our war correspondent L.W. (can this person be identified?) does not mention that according to one theory, Manassas got its name from an "Old Jew" called Manasseh, possibly an innkeeper, who is said to have lived in the vicinity.

  5. The account is fascinating, though the description of the final rebel charge as including 30,000 soldiers is probably exaggerated. What is interestingly missing from the (obviously second or third hand account) is any mention of the famous rebel yell - especially of stonewall jackson's brigade - except for the "generic" reference to קול ענות גבורת הנוצחים. But, as usual, great work, Miss Fred.



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