Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What's the difference between

proud Americans of the Jewish faith and germans of the mosaic persuasion?

I guess you have to know the narrative in order to follow it?


  1. No Google results for "jews of (the) german(ic) persuasion". Two for "jews of german faith", one of which is probably a mistake.

  2. Ah, the difference is syntactic.

  3. There may be a difference in the level of observance, but in terms of going against thousands of years of tradition there is no difference. וד"ל.

  4. The Hilfsverein der Deutschen Juden ("Aid Association of German Jews") was a relief organization founded in 1901. It was only in 1935, under pressure from the Nazi regime, that it had to change its name to Hilfsverein der Juden in Deutschland.

    S., by "syntactic," did you mean "semantic"?

  5. To many, I think that the difference is that the latter bore undertones of true German pride, while the former was was only published to cover asses.

    It seems obvious to me that "proud Americans of the Jewish faith" is only intended to be believed by a few Goyishe suckers.

  6. G.A. Yes. The irony was just too hilarious not to point out. After I sent it to a couple of friends I just couldn't bear the thought of that irony dying in our email accounts.

  7. There's certainly one thing that the difference is NOT: anti-Zionism.



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