Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A critical voice on Moses Montefiore's collection for relief of the famine-stricken in Jerusalem.

There was a big discussion at Rationalist Judaism today about one of the favorite and perennial topics, the economic plight and educational status of Chareidim in Israel (link).

Here's a notice in the Israelite, March 25, 1870, where Isaac M. Wise passes along a message that money is being collected to ameliorate the plight of the needy in Jerusalem but strongly objects to the idea that this must be a permanent economic problem:


  1. Basically, this post proves Koheles' contention that nothing ever changes. The basic two viewpoints are hardwired into the human condition. Frum v. Rational. Conservative v. Liberal. Fox v. Hedgehog. Farkas v. Skolnik. Rambam v. Ravad. Slifkin v. Meiselman. "Give tzedakah" v. "Get a job."

    Verily I do believe almost every single machlokes in shas can be resolved by neatly pigeonholing the disputants into one of these two categories. "Darshen the extra letter" v. "we dont go that far." "Be concerned for the money of Israel" v. "Be concerned for the souls of Israel". Machmir v. Meikel.

  2. Messianic Speculateur11:46 PM, May 31, 2011

    What would happen if the משיח and the סגן כהונה were playing poker in the לשכת הגזית, and the משיח cheated, and the סגן כהונה shot him? And what if the head of the minority party in the סנהדרין (I don't know whether that will be בית הילל or בית שמאי) is caught selling illegal drugs to the Vatican?

  3. S
    Have the Yated and Hamodia contacted you yet for permission to reprint?

  4. Anon, what do you mean by that?



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