Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A Jewish convert has a conversation with his, uh, you know what -- in 1798.

What follows is a parody song called The Newly-Dubb'd Jew in a book called Hilaria. The song is meant to be sung to the tune of "Derry Down." I did not do my homework yet, so I can't explain all the allusions (how "Crop" the convert refers to George Gordon, as it seems to, who was "Cods"?, what was "Akerman's synagogue," and who was "Tommy Erskine.")

As you can see, in this lovely song, the convert is about to be circumcised when suddenly his penis speaks, in an appropriately obscene manner. It is scared.

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  1. Sir
    Ackerman was the Keeper of Newgate Prison. Erskine was Gordon's cousin and famous barrister who defended Gordon on his trial for High Treason. Erskine later became Lord Chancellor of England.
    Elimlech ben Shmuel



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