Monday, February 26, 2007

Yated Neeman's text of Mishna Avot

On the whole Yated/ YCT brouhaha J-blog newcomer Rejewvenate asks "how they can [publish] a piece like this and then get the one piece of actual Torah [it] cite[s] wrong."

From the Yated article:

Nevertheless, after watching YCT develop and spread with barely a peep of public outcry from the Modern / Centrist Orthodox establishment we felt compelled by the injunction of our sages, that state, “Bemakom she’ein ish, hishtadel lihiyos ish: In a place where there are no leaders; strive to be a leader (Avos 2-6).”

As Rejewvenate notes the Mishna in Avot says במקום שאין אנשים השתדל להיות איש and not במקום שאין איש השתדל להיות איש.

Come on! Get the basics right! How are you not ashamed! How dare you disrespect your audience like that? What a failure! Do you take us for fools? Exactly how many people laid eyes on this article before it was published? How serious could your reservations truly have been if you let such a glaring error through? The Yated isn’t a blog, and its making a serious charge. Is it too much to ask that you at least quote correctly from Pirkei Avot?

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