Thursday, February 01, 2007

100 year old gossip: Louis Ginzberg on C.D. Ginsburg

From a letter from Ginzberg to Henrietta Szold, sent from Amsterdam on 9/15/08

By the way, I think Dr. Bloomfield has changed his good opinion of me. One evening he introduced me to my namesake, the meshumod Ginsberg and that old fool had nothing better to say to me than "Dear Dr., you have changed your name, you ought to spell it Guinsberg with an s and not with z" to which I replied: "There is no harm in changing a name as in my case a single letter only but I would not like to change myself for any consideration." Dr. Bloomfield reproached me later to say that he never would have believed me to be such a fanatic.

(pg. 169 in Lost Love: The Untold Story of Henrietta Szold : Unpublished Diary and Letters by Baila Round Shargel.)

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