Thursday, December 22, 2005

Who forged it? The guys at JTS?

Hirhurim commentter Shmuel writes about the increasingly prevalent practice by some of assuming that midrashic or rishonic statements that flatly contradict present hashkafos are forgeries:
And anything written by a Rishon that challenges their small thinking is automatically deemed a forgery. A FORGERY! Who forged it? The guys at JTS? HUC?
Prof. Barry Levy writes, in an Edah Journal piece called Text and Context: Torah and Historical Truth:
"...most Orthodox Jews today, if given the opportunity to examine anonymous selections from writings by rabbis whom they would unhesitatingly acknowledge as believers, would quickly label those writings as heresy or criticism. A highly learned reader may be more successful, but even relative sophisticates—day school graduates and others who have lived in the Orthodox community for decades and whose lives reflect its teachings and values—would be surprised by the critical or heretical- sounding statements of recognized authorities."

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