Thursday, December 22, 2005

Are you a bibliophile?

I am at heart. But that and a buckfitty will get me a ride on the subway. At least in theory.

While poring through the archives I came across a small article from The Jewish Week Jul 5, 1975
Professor Saul Lieberman's library of 10,000 books and periodicals relating to religion and scholarship, many of them unique and collected by him over his lifetime, will be presented to the Jewish Theological Seminary of America.


The gift library is comprehensive. It includes all Talmudic commentaries, most of them in first edition which is an important consideration in dealing with manuscripts or early printed volumes because they contain fewer printers emendations, and a complete collection of Halachic responsa, from the earliest to the beginning of the sixteenth century. These are interpretations of religious law by rabbis from the post-Talmudic period on. Responsa cover every aspect of Jewish belief and observance.

All medieval codes of law and all medieval Hebrew commentaries on the Bible are also included. There are volumes in English, German, old Slavic and Italian as well as Hebrew and Yiddish, and there is an extensive collection of classical, Hellenistic, Latin and other cognate works relating to the Talmudic period. Books in this latter field, which has been the focus of Dr. Lieberman's original research, comprise an especially rich selection. There are also complete sets of all 19th and 20th century periodicals pertaining to Jewish scholarship.


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