Monday, May 09, 2005

Who's the nimrod?

One of the irksome slanders some highly frummer-than-thou anti-Zionist Jews proclaim about Israelis is that their language and names are Jewishly illegitimate. Oft-mentioned is a legendary Israeli named Nimrod. Nimrod was a Biblical despot whose very name connotes rebellions [against God]. Thus the modern Nimrods (conveniently no one can tell you exactly who is named Nimrod; there is only the assertion that Nimrods exist) are supposed to be proof that Israeli Jews are a) Biblically illiterate b) hostile to God and Torah and c) perverters of 'Lashon ha-qodesh'.

Google nimrod raphaeli iraqi jew and the myth is lain to rest. Whether or not a good Jewish boy should be named Nimrod (the Talmud discourages naming a baby for a wicked person) the Dr. Nimrod Raphaeli, an Iraqi-born Jew, demonstrates this particular myth to be compete bunk, much like a lot of anti-Zionist hooey stemming from religious opposition.

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