Thursday, May 26, 2005

On playing chess.

R. Ya'akov Kamenetzky thought that chess (shach in Yiddish) was a good game for children to play because, he felt, that chess trains one to anticipate another's thoughts and is therefore helpful to shape a person into being an empathetic adult, particularly helpful in married life.

Sounds nice.
Obviously his idea does not preclude other benefits, such as teaching one how to think like a Talmudist. I wonder what y'all think.

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  1. Haha, I clicked on this post because of the title. I personally love chess and grew up playing it (my dad taught me). I think that is a really nice is true, to a certain extent. Playing chess makes you anticipate the other person's moves, it makes you think of the bigger picture, thinking of the consequences of your "actions", and it reminds you that in life there are important "players" not just a king and a queen; sometimes even a "pun" can defeat the "king". Hhhmmm maybe I'll blog about it lol

    I wonder if there are any studies that have looked at such a correlation.



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