Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"Rev. Chasan Professor Sabato Morais" is called an Italian melammed for children

Here's a rather trenchant criticism against a man far more learned than this suggests. From the American Israelite (September 20, 1867):


  1. Snarky! Whether or not it was ever the fashion for run-of-the-mill hazzanim (like old fashioned band leaders) to assume the title of "professor," Sabato Morais was the genuine article. In 1867 he was named Professor of Bible at the short-lived Maimonides College -- presumably his quote in this article was occasioned by that appointment. And in 1886 he was given the same position at the new JTS. Besides, I think we can be sure that he was at least as familiar with the "host of world-renowned commentators" as his critic claimed to be.

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