Wednesday, January 22, 2014

On Solomon Dubno's library

The Freimann-Sammlung digital library at the University of Frankfurt recently added some fantastic bibliographies, including this important one - the catalog that was prepared for the 1814 auction of Solomon Dubno's library (link).

For those who want to make inferences about contents of libraries, his includes Hameasseph, in case anyone is wondering (p. 46, 57.)

Here is the title page.


  1. Thanks Ovadya. Dubno had the habit of signing the books he owned as well and they come around every so often. It was fun for me to be able to locate the copies of books of his I had in the catalog, you can see for example Imre Shefer on the Torah as number 29 in the catalog and you can view the same copy being offered, with his own Hagahot here

    I had his Darce Moshe as well, number 106 on his catalog.

  2. How common was the Hebrew ditto ?



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