Monday, May 06, 2013

A different kind of Lag B'omer yahrzeit celebration in 1865

R. Moshe Issserles. From The Jewish Messenger, Sep. 8, 1865.

c.f. this footnote in Lev Ha-ivri (Ungvar 1864) by R. Akiva Joseph Schlessinjer.

And in Y. M. Zunz's Ir Ha-zedek (Lemberg 1864):


  1. ר' אפרים זלמן מרגליות says he was about forty, see here:

  2. Yitzchok,
    Thanks for the reference. It seems then that I remembered correctly. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to view the matzeivot in the cemetery next to the Rema shul. As it is, the matzeivot that were not destroyed by the Germans who occupied the grounds were tossed about so that no one really knows were the departed lie. After the war, matzeivot were placed in arbitrary order on the cemetery grounds - at least, that's what I was told at the time.
    Y. Aharon

  3. Well, his grave says he died in 5332. Wikipedia says he was born in 1520, died 1572.



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