Wednesday, March 06, 2013

On Darwin and the Talmud

Interesting little piece on Darwin and the Talmud in the American Israelite, 10.22.1875. Not necessarily what one would expect. 


  1. Certainly there is nothing new under the sun; I'm curious where this hypothesis was to be found before the this Talmud passage?

  2. Joe in Australia7:44 AM, March 07, 2013

    That isn't exactly how evolution is supposed to work.

  3. The American Israelite author wasn't trying to claim that Darwin stole his ideas from the Talmud. He was just trying to kasher it by saying Jews have no trouble with the idea of one species changing into another.

  4. Dont forget Berachos 61b:

    אמר לו אמשול לך משל למה הדבר דומה לשועל שהיה מהלך על גב הנהר וראה דגים שהיו מתקבצים ממקום למקום אמר להם מפני מה אתם בורחים אמרו לו מפני רשתות שמביאין עלינו בני אדם אמר להם רצונכם שתעלו ליבשה ונדור אני ואתם כשם שדרו אבותי עם אבותיכם

    "... Come up on dry land, and we will live together (said the fox to the fish) as our ancestors lived together." Posits evolution in a diffeent direction (land to sea) but the same essential point.

  5. The little note on the other column about Russian Jewish female doctors is pretty interesting also!

    1. Yes it is. And I'll tell you a secret. I carefully curated all three of those blurbs on the left because they are interesting. Hence the white space below it. ;-)

  6. See Rabeinu Bachya on Noach where he talks about a form of evolution that only a few species of birds went in the teyva and the rest developed from them



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