Monday, December 31, 2012

Must have been some concert - a night of leining in 1844

This is an ad for a fun night out in Boston, November 12, 1844. As you can see, Mr. Henry Phillips was to be assisted by Miss Stone and put on a real show, featuring Irish songs and a performance of leining, as taught to him by a Polish rabbi, Dr. Herschel. Afterwards he was to prove that the te'amim are ancient, sing Az Yashir, and then some more songs, including one about Robin Hood.



  1. "Explain the antiquity of....the Hebrew Bible, Mosaic law etc." Sounds like an early Diaspora Yeshiva Band.

  2. Love it how they advertise the Song of Moses as "never-before-heard"--except in synagogue!

  3. Woo hoo! I'll bet there hadn't been such fun at a concert recital since Elmer Drimsdale sang the song of the Humpback Whale at the McDonald Hall Talent Show.

  4. What are "the Diagrams"?



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