Thursday, October 18, 2012

Revel on the "Signifigance of [a] Yeshiva in America"

In early 1924 Rabbi Dr. Bernard Revel published a piece called Signifigance of Yeshiva in America, meant to appear, I am sure, in as many media sources as would print it. Here is the article as printed in Newark's Jewish Chronicle, February 8, 1924.

Open pdf.


  1. Thanks for posting this, he was a great man, and a hero, and deserves to be better known.

  2. Is it too flippant of me to say that "Universal Israel" is a much better term than "Catholic Israel"?

  3. No, but is it too flippant for me to suggest that Schechter was coming from the ridiculously erudite world of Cambridge and that it probably never occurred to him that words have strong associations apart from the way they are deliberately and obviously being used? Note: Jewish Church was not uncommon at the time either.



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