Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Joking about expansive definitions of kosher, in 1890

Writing in 1890 as 'Marshallik,' Israel Zangwill's Morour and Charouseth columns in London's Jewish Standard were filled with much wit and ingenuity that holds even today; some more and some less. In the July 4, 1890 issue the following appears:

Someone had written an advertisement for a new store that, because of poor wording, seemed to imply that it sold "kosher lemonade, pickled salmon, firewood [and] nightlights." Haha. Zangwill goes to town on it. Kosher bacon! Little did he dream that one day . . .

ETA 8.1.2012:

Interestingly, I came across the following letter in another Jewish Standard issue:


  1. Well, nothing beats http://www.KosherCamera.com/

  2. I'm a bal teshuva...Crab is not even so good...So this is kind of disgusting if you ask me...

  3. you are being paged by somehowfrum...

  4. It's not the toilet paper that's being hawked as kosher, just the innovations. And as anyone will tell you, not all innovations are kosher.



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