Tuesday, May 01, 2012

"There are no pogroms, but if there were, it would be because the Jews deserved it!"

Here's a pleasant little piece from a 1918 journal called The Weekly American Courier. Apparently the interest of America, Poland, and the Allies, as per the periodical's subtitle, involved countering reports from Poland of pogroms against the Jews.

The report can be summarized as follows:

- A bunch of Jews must get together every Friday night in Austria somewhere to concoct a story about a pogrom to send out to the world.
- A joke: Two Jewish traders swindled a Polish farmer, and he caught on and hit one of them. They ran to the police yelling "Gevalt! Murder!" The cops asked who is being murdered, and they said "All the Jews! They already murdered him, and now they are murdering me!"
- If there are pogroms in Krakow, it's like the pogroms, i.e., riots, in New York, where Jewish women protested against high prices by Jewish butchers and food merchants, only in Krakow its the Polish people who are suffering from the Jewish traders.
- Ninety percent of the Jews in Poland are pro-German. They even are German, really. They speak Yiddish. They are spies and informers.
- Of the two million Jews in Poland, only 10% are really Polish (i.e, they speak Polish and are basically decent. They warn the rest to stop slandering Poland. Not only do the others not heed them, but they consider them heretics.
- Polish people are and were always tolerant of the Jews, or else the Jews wouldn't have lived there for 800 years. But if any pogroms really do occur, it would be because the German "jargon" Jews provoked it.


  1. I think this article was written before Ron Paul was even born...

  2. There is no better foreign policy for Israel than Ron Paul's.

  3. (Sorry to keep up the diversion from your excellent post, but...

    One of the more insane claims in Ron Paul’s newsletters was that the Israelis were behind the WTC bombings in 1993:

    "Whether [the 1993 World Trade Center bombing] was a setup by the Israeli Mossad, as a Jewish friend of mine suspects, or was truly a retaliation by the Islamic fundamentalists, matters little."

    This claim is of course so ridiculous and absurd that even Paul has to protect himself by claiming that “a Jewish friend” told him about it. What a handy rhetorical device! If only Paul had had the foresight to couch all his racist remarks in the newsletters in this way, he wouldn’t have any problems right now! “As a black friend of mine once told me, 95% of all black people in DC are criminal or semi-criminal.” See how effective that is?



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